Hello 2nd trimester!

Today I am officially in the second trimester. I am 14 weeks today. Some people consider 12 weeks as the beginning of the 2nd trimester, some people think it’s 13 weeks depending on where Google takes you. But at 14 weeks, I am definitely, OFFICIALLY in  my 2nd trimester. It’s still so surreal that we … More Hello 2nd trimester!

Survivor’s Guilt

This is a difficult post to write. But it needs to be written. Since discovering our great news at the start of September, I’ve experienced a mixture of feelings – joy, happiness, disbelief, fear, excitement, anxiety, contentment… and guilt. Guilt that it happened to me before others – both those that I knew personally who … More Survivor’s Guilt

I feel overwhelmed

Yesterday was a very emotionally exhausting day. I didn’t get much sleep because of my excitement and nerves about our 12 week scan. I spent most of the morning trying to distract myself with a hair appointment (my lovely hairdresser and her husband trying to reassure me and keep positive) but as Dave and I … More I feel overwhelmed