The sickness has finally hit

…or at least, I think it has.

The problem is, I can’t distinguish between whether what I felt today (particularly this morning) was pregnancy nausea, or my stomach’s reaction to extreme hunger.

Since discovering I was pregnant on 2nd September, the only symptoms I had been experiencing were utter fatigue and exhaustion, painful boobs, frequent urination, vivid dreams and light headedness. Recently (the past 10 days or so), I’ve lost the frequent urination and replaced it with a massive increase in my appetite, and more saliva in my mouth.

I thought I had skipped the morning sickness, following in the footsteps of my mum, and put it down to being one of the lucky few that don’t experience it.

Until this morning, that is.

From when I woke up when my alarm went off at 5:30am and eventually got up at 5:50am, my stomach was grumbling. You know when you have to wake up in the middle of the night to catch an early flight and you feel hungry sick? It was like that.

Now, normally, I’m not a breakfast person. When it’s a school day, I would eat a Mullerlight yoghurt just to stave off hunger until break time around 10:30am when I would snack on some fruit, but at 6:30am I’m just not interested in eating. But I eat so I don’t get hungry later, if that makes sense? When it’s a weekend, I can either have a big proper breakfast (but that’s only because I’m up later and eating around 10am) or I skip it altogether and just have a big lunch instead.

About a week ago, my morning yoghurt was sufficient still. Last Friday though, I had to steal 2 muffins from the bakery role play area in my classroom and eat them in the staffroom as soon as I got to school! Actually, my hunger last Friday was ridiculous – it was insatiable.

So this morning I awoke with a grumbly tummy, and the longer I was awake the more conscious I was of how empty it felt and the sickness that was creeping over me as a result. I didn’t want to be sick though – it’s not like brushing my teeth made me gag. But in the end, Dave insisted that I had 2 pieces of toast before I left. I admit, it helped settle my stomach.

But by 9am I was feeling that creeping sickness again, but a hunger sickness. I tried to ignore it, but by 9:30am I had a funny turn. I had to quickly eat a dried cracker from the bottom drawer of my desk from an unopened packet that I had stashed there over a year ago! I could have eaten more, but my class were waiting for me. So I wet my dry mouth with a sip of water and swallowing that made me gag. I was feeling quite flushed at this point and had to open the windows and fan myself for a moment. Even talking was making me feel queasy, which is a bit hard to avoid when you’re a teacher!

By the time playtime came I had to skulk off for another stolen muffin. Eating that and 2 apples helped my stomach again, but it wasn’t long until lunch was approaching and the sickness was returning. By this point, I realised that I needed to keep food in my stomach little and often. So after eating lunch I was okay again, but throughout the afternoon I felt queasy and crampy and flushed. I had to get through to the end of the day and eat my salad tub for my stomach to work on. By the time I got home at 5pm I had to eat again – this time a random offering of stale crusty baguette and a tin of Heinz spaghetti! That tided me over until half 6 when we had tea (jacket potato and beans). Tomorrow, I’m sure the insatiable appetite will continue, but I will be more prepared with snacks. Lots of bland carbs, little and often. And Dave and I have come up with a little morning routine from now on – when I come out of the bathroom to get dressed and do my hair and make up, he will go and make me some toast.

So, what I’ve described here – does that sound like ‘morning’ sickness? Or simply a stomach not liking to be empty?

Combined with my other symptoms of excess saliva and light headed wooziness, from what I’ve googled, it sounds like these go hand in hand with pregnancy nausea.

I’ll never complain though. It’s taken me this long to fall pregnant that I will embrace any nausea and sickness that I experience.

I can’t say the same about my tits though. The dull throbbing, shooting pains on my chest, and the heavy watermelons I release at the end of the day, and the uncomfortable bras…

…THAT I will never embrace. Literally.

18 thoughts on “The sickness has finally hit

  1. This started for me around week 6 and luckily only lasted a few weeks. Carbs definitely helped.
    I didn’t count it as morning sickness but it might have been

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  2. that’s basically exactly what I’ve dealt with. Only certain foods were acceptable, but if I got the SLIGHTEST bit hungry I started to panic from how distraught and uncomfortable it made me feel. I ate 6 waffles one morning, spread out over 3-4 hours. Keep food on hand! I’ve found I can really only manage chicken and vegetables (“healthy” things) if they’re hidden in sauce or cheese and mixed with pasta. Otherwise it’s all breads.

    At 12 weeks now it is juuuuuust starting to let up but there are still panicky hungry moments. I haven’t been sick at all except one time last week, when I gagged myself on my toothbrush. I’ve heard keeping food in your stomach (with smaller more frequent meals) can keep the hormones at bay so if not eating makes you feel sick and eating makes you feel better, I call it pregnancy sickness 🙂 sounds like you’ve got a good morning system down, just make sure you have plenty of snacks available throughout the day!

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      1. you’ve got this! just be ready….I’m eating like every 90 minutes. 3 breakfasts and/or 3 lunches is not unusual. congrats on your pregnancy symptoms!

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  3. I had that in both of my pregnancies. My first, the morning sickness started around 8/9 weeks and the second was at 5 weeks. If I were hungry the nausea was so much worse. I had to eat small, frequent meals allllllll day until I was around 14-16 weeks when it went away. But it really is so reassuring, I used to pray to feel sick haha it eventually passes though and then you end up not being able to fit anything because the baby is in the way!

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  4. Carbs and sour sweets for me
    When I got up for work if I didn’t eat straight away or I had a drink before I ate I knew I’d be vomiting at 7am on the dot. I stashed hard sweets on me to suck if I felt sick, little sherbert lemons, as I couldn’t always shimmy off to get food.
    An empty belly was definitely a big morning sickness trigger over here!

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  5. This is exactly how I was from about 6 weeks to 10 weeks…and even still a little bit until 12ish weeks or so. I pretty much snacked all morning till lunch…once I had lunch I was ok for a longer period of time but might need another snack around 3pm. Sometimes I would need a bowl of cereal before bed too. Do what you gotta do mama!!

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  6. I’ve heard from a lot of people that the only way they could stop themselves feeling sick in early pregnancy was to never let their stomach be empty and constantly eat small snacks (like crackers or ginger biscuits), so I would say it’s a mild form of pregnancy sickness. Hopeful it will stay at that and you won’t actual start throwing up 🙂

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  7. I don’t know whether it would be appropriate to say but still: enjoy the journey for which you had waited for so long.

    The uncomfortable symptoms must be anytime less distressing than TTC life.

    I’m happy for you 😀

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