The toughest week yet

Well, it’s as the title says really.

And the nature of WHY my week has been tough means I can’t go into detail about it, unfortunately, because I’d like to get a lot of shit off my chest but I can’t.

So all I’ll say is, this week has been the toughest one of my pregnancy so far (it still doesn’t feel like I’m talking about me when I put that – “my pregnancy”).

This week I had to put me and Cub aside, and put work and my husband first. School – if I allude to a big O some of you will know what I mean. Dave – because he had another “thing” (I can’t really think of the right word or phrase to explain or describe what happens when he has these “things” so “thing” will have to do).

Let me tell you, it is hard enough being a carer for someone with mental health issues when you’re not pregnant, let alone when you are. And combining that with a heavy week work-wise, means I’ve felt a lot of stress and anxiety this week, and done a lot of crying. A lot.

But I’m a supportive wife, and it goes without saying I will take whatever is thrown at me and deal with it. But I am emotionally exhausted. Wiped out. But I kept reminding myself of Cub beating away inside of me, and trying to focus on keeping calm for them. Not stress-free, because you can’t endure the week I’ve had and not feel stressed, but I’ve tried my hardest to look after myself whilst weathering the storm.

But this week is one I want to put behind me. I’m sure we’ll have another week like this in the future, because that is the unpredictability of mental health issues. And I have to keep strong, no matter how weak I feel or how much I want to crumble in a heap.

For Cub’s sake.

6 thoughts on “The toughest week yet

  1. Stay strong x I’ve only just started following you and haven’t commented before but felt I should this time, I’m currently few weeks behind you in the baby club , I work on an acute mental health ward and just wanted to say honestly you are amazing ! I have the utmost respect for the partners , spouses , families of the service user’s. Mental health issues can be tough on absolutely everyone. So just wanted to say stay strong and you are doing amazing things in every aspect.

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  2. Sorry you’ve had such a tough week. I’m not surprised you want to put it behind you, and the important most thing now is you absolutely can. You are strong and you made it through.You’re already being such an amazing mummy to cub – nobody deserves this pregnancy more than you.

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  3. You are one of the strongest women I know. The love you have for both husband and Cub is unconditional and even though it won’t always be easy, you’ve got this.

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