Okay let’s clear something up

I’ll keep this short because I’m supposed to be in bed but apparently I have triggered the entire internet tonight. I’ve caused a shitstorm on Instagram, but I did warn you all.

Things you should know:

1. I’m British. This accompanies every aspect about me. My sense of humour. My sarcasm. My swearing. My fuck it attitude. My ability to brush off other people’s shit and carry on with my day. 

2. I’m not a bitch. I will bite back if you poke me but I call it standing up for myself. I can take what I dish out, and I will shovel it back tenfold if necessary. But I don’t resort to insults online. I’ll just poke fun at you instead. Because I’m British (see point 1).

3. I’m not aggressive, even if I sound like I am. In real life, and in my blog, I swear. That is me. I am British (I know I’m hamming the point here but I feel the only people I seem to piss off are the non-Brits because they just don’t get it). I am also blunt. I can’t be arsed with fannying around so I get straight to the point with things.  I speak like that and I write like that.

4. I am not an angry, bitter or jealous person. Yes I write posts about FEELING like that, but that doesn’t mean that is how I am 100% of the time. I don’t walk around like an Incredible Hulk/Jekyll and Hyde hybrid. But you know what, going through what we do, DOES make you like that at times. If you feel the need to question it then you simply don’t get it.

5. I don’t think I’ll be a perfect parent, or that infertiles will be better mums than fertiles in general. Actually, can we STOP referring to each other as fertiles and infertiles?! I FUCKING HATE THAT. We’re not defined by our fertility status FFS. Anyway, as I was saying, I actually worry that I’ll be a shit mum and won’t have that maternal instinct kick in. My friends already know how nervous I get around babies. I have this deep fear that I’ll develop post natal depression. But I’ve never once said that I’d make a great parent compared to anybody else. I just want the fucking chance to have a go.

6. I’ve written this blog for nearly a year and in 159 posts I’ve only “upset” (for want of a better phrase) 4 people. 4 people out of 15,000 visitors and over 60,000 views. Now, even to someone who is not a statistician, that’s not pretty bad going. I can interpret that in one of two ways – that on the whole, people agree with what I write, or only 4 people have had the balls to challenge me because everyone else is shit scared to tell me what they think 😂

7. I write what I want, how I want. I don’t censor myself. I am not a brand. I don’t represent a company. I write for myself. I don’t write in a way that protects other people’s feelings. I’m honest. And I’m not going to change. Not everyone will agree with what I write, and that’s okay because guess what? I don’t care. If you’ve been following me for this long then you’ll know what my writing style is like and what my opinions are. Controversial at times, but fucking truthful. And I’d rather write like that, with integrity, than sugar coat shit and make it more comfortable for people to hear. If you don’t like it, unfollow. There are plenty of other blogs and accounts that are more neutral.

So you do you. And I’ll do me.

Now, I’m going to go to bed now, so can we all get along in the morning please? Ta.

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