Time to switch off

So today I’m off on holiday to Sicily for a week.

It is the most-needed holiday I’ve ever had.

I am welcoming the time to completely switch off from everything and reconnect with Dave.

I’m not taking my thermometers or prenatals. I’m not going to track ANYTHING.

What I am going to do is relax. And read books. And sunbathe. And muck about in the pool. And sleep. And take advantage of the all-inclusive drinks.

I’m also going to make love to my husband. Once my period has finished of course.

So I came on on Friday – and I’ve mastered the tampon guys! I will still be on until Tuesday I think so I will need to use them by the pool on Monday but after then I should be good.

Dave asked me on Friday when will he be able to “smash the life out of me” because he’s missed it haha.

And because we’re going away with my parents, brother and sister-in-law, no doubt there will be a future blog post about Danger Shags In Sicily, a lot like last year’s Danger Shags In Italy… but this time it won’t be for baby-making because I won’t be fertile.

I won’t be blogging but I may do the odd Instagram post.

I hope to come back a happier, healthier and more relaxed person, with a renewed energy to keep on going with this journey.

I wish you all a ton of baby dust in the meantime xxx

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