Telling the negative committee that meets inside my head to sit down and STFU

It could be the sunny warm weather of late, or my approaching holiday to Sicily in 4 weeks, or the end of term being nigh, or the chilled day we’ve enjoyed together today, or the fact AF has fucked off after 5 days, but I’m feeling positive about this upcoming cycle.

I didn’t get round to blogging about my last blood test results. 10 days ago I had a friend come round to re-take my Day 21 bloods (on Day 24). She’s so lovely and generous with her time; she doesn’t have to help, but she goes out of her way to come to my house to do it, AND she drops the sample off at the local hospital for me, all out of the kindness of her heart. It makes the process of going through testing so much easier and less stressful because my local doctor’s only do blood tests on Wednesdays when the nurse practitioner is in (and of course, my Day 21s always fall on Wednesdays don’t they…) so I’m completely appreciative of my friend being flexible to my ovulation patterns!

Well, because my last results all came back normal, they only tested my progesterone this time. I wasn’t feel too hopeful because I’d ovulated later than I had been doing (since stopping my reflexology I’ve noticed my O dates have started sliding again) and my post-O temps weren’t as high as they had been either. But…..

THEY CAME BACK NORMAL AGAIN!!! Progesterone was 30 (nmol/L in the U.K.) so I definitely ovulated and I’m considered normal. Phew. I still need to repeat it one more time before any other tests are done on me (fingers crossed we won’t need them though).

But Dave still needs to do his sperm analysis. He’s up for it of course, and he knows it has to be done, but I also know he has to be in completely the right frame of mind for it. Wanking into a cup is challenging enough at the best of times, let alone when you’re feeling mentally unpredictable. It’s about timing it for when he’s feeling happy and relaxed (and of course, that has to fall on a Wednesday too because our doctors are shits about when samples can be sent off!) I’m hoping we can get him to do it next week before ovulation but we’ll see.

I’m also aware that my results being normal might well be making Dave feel anxious about his own results. That’s why I just texted him my results when they came through and I haven’t spoken about it to him since. I don’t want to rub his face in it. But hand on heart, I honestly don’t feel there will be anything abnormal about his sample: he’s fit, active, drinks lots of water and eats healthily (mostly…!) so I’m sure his results will just confirm it. And if there are any issues, then I’m sure we can rectify them with a supplement or two (he’s not been keen on taking anything so far).

So I’m feeling hopeful. 

Last cycle was a 28-dayer which was nice because it meant this cycle came around quicker and it SHOULD mean that my next period (not that there will be another period!) should have finished by the time we go on holiday.

I’ve also had some great news about my blogging opportunities: both Huffington Post and FertilitySmarts got back to me saying that I can blog anonymously! And not only that, HuffPost are actually wanting me to join their team as a regular contributor to blog about anything I want! That was NOT what I was expecting. My boss has advised on a personal capacity not to do it because of the potential can of worms that could be opened, but professionally I’m not doing anything wrong so long as there is no link whatsoever to my place of employment. So I’m unsure what to do.

I’m going to think about it over the summer. I’ll have to read back over all my previous posts and do some editing. I’ll also have to change Dave’s name I think (I’m thinking Ben, Dave thinks it should be Warren because I have the hots for the Hollyoaks character of the same name haha) and there will be comments to be removed because they may have mentioned Dave’s name. There’s a lot of prep I would need to do in advance, should I decide to pursue this fantastic opportunity.

So yeah. Things feel optimistic right now.

And it’s hard to feel glum when you’re pissing yourself laughing at Bridesmaids on the telly with a chocolate cake in your lap.

6 thoughts on “Telling the negative committee that meets inside my head to sit down and STFU

  1. Brilliant! Such exciting news about your blogging opportunities, you go girl!
    My DH has a funny story about his SA, I should get him to post it in KSquadDudes for Wazza to read 🙂

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  2. Omg Yay!! Also agree: no danger to your work. You’ll stay professional, keep doing epically AND get to vent/share about other normal life stuff!

    My hubby struggled with the sperm analysis. It turns out he didn’t know it was changeable. He thought he was stuck with that type no matter what. So I hope your hubby knows that it’s one of the easiest and quickest things to change with TTC. Mine got pretty crappy results, but it gave us a base line. It inspired some needed change, and was totally fixed with the change and a supplement or two. Good luck!!

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  3. Haha I was watching bridesmaids last night too! Certainly cheered me up after a shitty few days. Great news about the blogs and bloods…how ever once you SA back my advice is push for specialist referral…my bloods were all fine but my scan and AMH have indicated very low ovarian reserve. Obvs I’m sure that won’t be the case for you but time is not on my side anymore xx

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  4. Oooh, get you! Don’t forget who your first readers were when you’re an anonymously famous Huff Post writer 😉

    I thought you got more than just progesterone done the first time you had bloods taken? If so AMH should have been one of the things they tested since that can be done at any point in your cycle. I only had my AMH tested once because once you have the number they know whether you have eggs or not. (My AMH is fine by the way… just like everything bloody else!)

    Luckily my doctor is pretty flexible, because all the people who work on reception are also the people who take blood so you can basically go in any day but it has to be before 8:30 a.m. when they start actually answering the phone. I literally phone, say “I was told to arrange a blood test for 7 dpo which would is on Thursday (or whatever)” and they fit me in on that date.


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