The results are in… kinda.

So I rang the doctors 3 times today like a crazy person. 8am, 12:30pm and 4pm. 

I don’t think that’s excessive. 

For a crazy lady in her crazy TWW going through a crazy waiting game I think it’s bloody understandable.

But unfortunately they only had 3 of my 8 test results in. 

Drum roll please…..

Full Blood Count: NORMAL

TSH (Thyroid): NORMAL

HbA1c (Glucose/Diabetes): NORMAL


But I’m not counting my chickens just yet. The more fertility-specific tests (FSH & LH, progesterone, testosterone, sex hormone glob and DHEA) are the ones that really matter. And I can’t help over-analysing why they’re not in yet.

The rational part of me says they’ll be having loads of blood samples to run tests on over the bank holiday weekend and the three results I did get probably all came from the same vial of blood, and therefore the other two vials are for the remaining tests which simply weren’t completed at the same time.

The irrational part of me says that it’s taking so long because the results are clearly abnormal and they’re taking so long to analyse because of how horrifically bad they are.

Yes. I am firmly on the crazy train.

And to add to my craziness, I am symptom spotting like mad. I shall dissect each one with my rational thought of why I’m NOT pregnant in italics.

It’s 10DPO and my temp hasn’t done its usual cliff-edge drop before my period. I haven’t had an LP longer than 10 days since August 2016 when it was 12 days long. (My reflexology appointments have most likely improved my cycle, bringing ovulation forward and therefore lengthening my LP. After all, it is only CD25 today.)

My cervix is still high, but now it is soft. (I’m going to be honest here. I don’t actually know what the fuck I felt when I shoved my middle finger up my J in the shower this evening. First I felt a hard tip of my nose kind of thing which is what I felt yesterday. Then I shifted my finger to the side slightly and felt a lower spongy thing like I’ve also felt before. So I mostly likely have 2 cervixes. FML)

My CM is still super creamy. In fact I felt so wet this afternoon and when I was exercising after school that I was sure I had got my period. (This means nothing. I’ve had dry TWWs and creamy TWWs. But what I will say is when I felt my cervix there was no spotting on my finger so AF clearly isn’t imminent.)

My boobs are aching. Particularly the left side of my left tit. Even wearing a sports bra when exercising was really uncomfortable. (But then what do you expect with 34GG boobs for God’s sake?!)

I’m not irritable or emotional like I would be just before my period. (Maybe that’s just because Dave hasn’t done enough to piss me off yet. Or my tolerance level is higher right now after a long weekend. Time will tell.)

I’ve not got my tell-tale lower backache and cramps when AF is on her way. (But if my LP is longer this month then AF could be another 2-4 days away anyway.)

So I caved into the crazy and used a FRER at 5pm today. Stupid, silly me. Of course it was a BFN. But that didn’t stop me staring at it for 10 solid minutes until I actually saw a second line.

Line eyes are a real affliction, guys.

So. I have another 9 hours until I can take my temp again and possibly piss on another stick, and 14 hours until I can ring the doctors and sound like a jilted ex that hasn’t got the message yet.

I feel like I’m in an episode of Jeremy Kyle with that immortal line before he cuts to an ad break:

“We’ll be right back with those all important results. Don’t go anywhere.”

6 thoughts on “The results are in… kinda.

  1. To hopefully put your mind a little at ease: I work in a hospital lab and the rest of the ‘specialty’ tests you’re waiting for are usually run in “batches” so they usually have a little longer turn around time. Sometimes they are even only run on certain days. I know that may not help a lot but hopefully it will carry you through the next 14 hours with a smidge less worry. I’ve got everything crossed for you!!

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      1. Hey, how i got my best bfp – in the afternoon(!!)… Was to not drink or wee for four hours. And eat a packet of salty chips… Then wee on the stick. Obviously be careful… But yeah… I got my bfp @ 4pm. (It was 15dpo though…)

        *Everything is crossed!!!*

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