The Reaction…

I’ll keep this brief seeing as you’re all dying to know.

Dave gets home from work, absolutely knackered.

I talk about how my appointment went and then, as he’s putting his bag down and stripping off in the kitchen, I drop the bombshell.

Me: And, yeah, you’ll need to wank into a cup one Wednesday so it can be sent off for lab work that day.

Dave stops dead, his eyebrows raised.

Me: Dave?

Dave: Okaaaay.

Me: You good with that?

Dave: Well Wednesday works because I work on my own that day so I can do it, drop if off and go to work after.

Me: So you think you’ll be alright with that?

Dave: It’s wanking. Into a CUP.

Me: Will you want help?

Dave: I think I can manage milking myself thank you.

Me: What will you think of?

Dave: Your mum, probably.
And that, ladies and gents, is my husband.

6 thoughts on “The Reaction…

  1. HAHA! I actually just spat water everywhere! Thank you Dave for that reaction, I really needed it after the day I’ve had. Also fingers, arms, legs, and toes crossed that your test results come back okay… or as okay as they can be x

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  2. Milking myself! HAHAHA! That’s just made my morning 🙂
    If you did help no blow jobs are allowed – saliva contaminates things and makes the test results inaccurate. So it would literally be just you giving him a hand job 😉

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