So on Thursday I had my second reflexology appointment. I was really looking forward to it for the relaxation aspect but I was also a little apprehensive.

The last time I visited, the lady said that she would hope to see that my left side had ovulated and not my right side, which is the side that I felt more responsive to on my first visit.

Fortunately, this time, I barely responded to her assessment on my right side and responded perfectly on my left, which made her very happy. And I like to be called normal from time to time, so I was pleased that my body had done what it was supposed to. However, I had still felt ovulation pains from my right side this month. She thinks that my right side is still being awkward and muscling in when it’s not giving my left side enough of a chance to ovulate on its own. She think my right side is gunky and probably expelled a lot of debris, which is why she felt she had a lot to ‘clean out’ on my right side Fallopian tube. She did this by repeatedly smoothing out the top of my foot where my ankle/leg stops. Another positive was that my pituitary gland felt perfectly normal for that point in my cycle too (I saw her 2 days after ovulation).

The lady does think that I’ll still get my period this cycle, and that it’ll take a few more trips to balance my ovaries out and get my right one behaving itself. I’m still holding out hope though. You never know.

One thing I took away from her this time though, was the advantages of meditation. Whilst she massaged my feet, she encourages me to close my eyes, stay quiet (difficult for me!) and let my mind drift. She told me that she spends 10 minutes every day when she goes to bed, breathing deeply and really taking notice of her body. She will lie there and really listen to what her body is telling her; if she can feel pain for example. She really recommended taking time to meditate and visualise myself getting pregnant. Picture my ovaries, tubes, uterus etc. and SEE that egg being fertilised and implanted. Put my hands on my tummy and really FEEL it.

I tried it on Friday night. It was the last day of term and the start of my Easter holidays and a fortnight off school. I ran a nice hot bath, lit a candle, turned the light off, found some soothing relaxation music off YouTube to play on my phone, and submerged myself into the bath. I closed my eyes, put both hands on my stomach, and just breathed. I listened to the music. I counted my breaths. I tried my hardest to switch my mind off and just focus on the present. I tried to visualise my egg being fertilised by the sperm, and it travelling along my Fallopian tube, multiplying and implanting in my womb.

I have an open mind. I’m not closed to anything. Whether the power of my mind will lead to a BFP next week remains to be seen. But I did feel super relaxed. And that is an issue with me. Teaching is very high pressure and stressful. I like to tell myself that I unwind but I don’t really. I’m never fully switched off. 

But now these reflexology appointments are becoming a regular indulgence, I’m really going to embrace the ideology of a stress-free mind. I love the music that I have found, and I’m going to make it a mission that I find time to meditate every day for 10 minutes. Ideally just before bed, and just let my mind drift off. I also have a full body massage lined up at the spa with my mum as a birthday treat on Tuesday so that will be further relaxation for my body.

Oh. And that colleague who recommended this reflexologist? Her daughter is 3 months pregnant. After only visiting this lady 4 times. So her success rate continues to climb.

No pressure then…

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