Fed up.

I don’t care if any of this blog post upsets or offends people, or makes me appear selfish.

Because I’m fed up.

Fed up with pretending.

Fed up with putting on a happy face.

Fed up with making out everything is okay. When it is NOT OKAY.

Fed up with making polite chit chat.

Fed up with being interested.

Fed up with charting.

Fed up with temping.

Fed up with sex at the ‘right time’.

Fed up with people giving their advice.

Fed up with people’s suggestions.

Fed up with being told to be patient.

Fed up with being told to stop trying so hard.

Fed up with seeing pregnancy discussed EVERYWHERE.

Fed up with seeing the unused pregnancy tests in my bottom drawer.

Fed up with buying sanitary towels every month.

Fed up with taking prenatals.

Fed up with avoiding the baby aisle.

Fed up with Facebook announcements.

Fed up with people having oops babies.

Fed up with people becoming pregnant with their second babies.

Fed up with pregnant women thinking it is okay to smoke and drink during their pregnancy.

Fed up with people having children that don’t want or deserve them.

Fed up with time passing.

Fed up with the questions.

Fed up with the speculation.

Fed up with the TWW.

Fed up with periods.

Fed up with being happy for other people. I’m beyond that stage now.

Fed up with being reminded that my life will change when I have a baby.

Fed up with being judged for being selfish.

Fed up with being criticised because I’m being honest.

Fed up with being made to feel bad for feeling this way.

Fed up with the tears.

Fed up with the heartache.

Fed up with the longing.

Fed up with picking myself up, month after month.

Fed up with explaining myself.

Fed up with just getting on with life.

Fed up with getting older and further away from my dream.

Fed up with fighting for what I want.

Fed up that there is no fix for this.

Fed up that this is out of my control.

Fed up with feeling impatient.

Fed up with the waiting.

Fed up with the not knowing.

Fed up with the journey.

Fed up with the challenge.

Fed up with craving something that I feel like I’ll never get.

Fed up with feeling like I can’t be 100% honest.

Fed up with it all.

I am so done with this fucking bullshit.

9 thoughts on “Fed up.

  1. I’m fed up with all those things too! Because this journey FUCKING sucks! I just want my baby without anyone telling me that everything happens for a reason! Love the honesty!

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  2. Sorry you’re feeling fed up at the moment. Huge hugs. I hope you get your wish soon ❤

    I can relate to most of these (apart from the being told to be patient/stop trying so hard since hardly anybody knows we are trying). I found out recently that a friend who I thought wanted to wait a while before trying actually got pregnant 3 months after her wedding last year – she's due in August. And somebody else gave birth to her second child a couple of days ago (the first was an "oops" – not sure about this one).


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