The TWW lottery

I am officially in my TTW at 3DPO. I have had a beautiful spike, 3 lovely high temps that have increased day on day, and a couple of perfectly placed hearts before ovulation.

There is nothing we can do now except wait.

Even Dave was asking me when my period should be due so that he can keep track of my fortnight from hell.

Darling – fuck knows.

I have had LPs that range from 8 days to 18 days depending on my ovulation day. But I feel good about this cycle and I think my healthy lifestyle has had a positive impact on my hormones. I’ve even had tender boobs today which I haven’t experienced for the past few cycles. I feel my body is doing what it should be doing – after 3 months of fuckery.

But I have another analogy about the TWW (you know I love my analogies!) that I saw on a TTC Instagram account.

The TWW is like playing the lottery but the draw isn’t made until a fortnight after buying your ticket. 

People may play for years and never win, some may play haphazardly and get lucky every now and then, and others are fucking lucky and hit the jackpot on their first play.

But in that TWW you can’t help but imagine how you would spend that money. Mentally you get carried away with yourself. You can’t help it.

But then the draw is made… and it’s not your ticket.

You consider changing your numbers the next month. But then the other side of you doesn’t want to change anything at all, just in case one of those changes ruins it for you. You have a WHOLE MONTH to obsess over this until the next time you can buy your ticket.

But you keep playing. In the hope that your odds keep increasing with each play.

One day you will win. We ALL will. 

One day.

4 thoughts on “The TWW lottery

  1. Fingers crossed!

    That is a great analogy. Now I just need one for those cycles where my luteal phase somehow manages to be a normal length and I have little to no spotting, so I spend hours analysing what I did differently this time so I can do it again next cycle…

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