Last week

So. I survived. There were sad days. There were tears. But I battled on, like always. And I was reminded of a few things too. I have awesome friends in my life. I’ve never forgotten this, but it’s always nice to remember how privileged you are to call certain women your friends. It started last … More Last week

A year ago today

… we were pregnant. For 36 hours, we were pregnant. It feels weird typing that. I don’t even feel comfortable saying it out loud to people. I don’t feel justified to feel the same sorrow that women who have ‘proper’ miscarriages experience. We never heard a heartbeat. We never had time for a bond to … More A year ago today

Fed up.

I don’t care if any of this blog post upsets or offends people, or makes me appear selfish. Because I’m fed up. Fed up with pretending. Fed up with putting on a happy face. Fed up with making out everything is okay. When it is NOT OKAY. Fed up with making polite chit chat. Fed … More Fed up.