A year ago today…

… a woman did something amazing.

She set up a secret group on Facebook for women trying to conceive, linking those who were using a particular fertility app.

It was a place for us to bond, laugh, share, ask questions, grieve, vent and make strong friendships. All within a safe space where there was no judging, only support. 

Her action that day was a lifeline. It enabled me to get my head straight in a place where other women were going through exactly the same thing as me. I have made long-lasting friendships through that group, despite the geographical distance between us all. They celebrated my joy when I got those 2 (faint) lines last March just after my birthday. Then they picked me up 2 days later after it turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. They inspired and encouraged me to write this blog in the first place.

This ordinary woman did something extraordinary. 

We all supported her through her own difficult journey too. She was our Mama, and her own story wasn’t a straightforward one (when is it ever?) and when she needed us, we were all there for her too. She is now 35 weeks pregnant. She is 5 weeks away from her happy ending. Another reminder of how fast time flies. But I know it will be my turn soon.

It is quite fitting that today I am going to a christening of a lovely little girl, a daughter of a good friend of mine. My friend is a bloody brilliant woman and I am certain she and her partner will raise their daughter to be an independent, head-strong, opinionated, unique and individual woman. She is also surrounded by amazing women in her life, through her aunties, grandmothers and friends. Although Dave and I aren’t religious, this girl’s christening will still be symbolic to us. It marks the day that womankind welcome another amazing female into the world. The sisterhood is all the richer for this little lady’s life. 

If Dave and I are ever blessed to be parents to a daughter, we will raise her to not take shit from anyone. To speak up. To fight ignorance and prejudice. To help others when they are low and crying out for support, not walking on by or even doing more harm to them by thoughtless actions. To be strong. To be proud of her gender and who she is. To be who she wants to be.

And if we have a son, we will raise him to champion and support the women in his life, like Dave does with me.

A year ago today, one woman did something extraordinary for other women, thousands of miles away. Today, the sisterhood welcomes another into their fold.

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