Weekday mating

That’s what Dave called our session on Wednesday night.

I assume what he meant by that was the kind of sex we have during the week is on a different scale to that of a weekend session. See earlier post ‘Functional Sex’.

Wednesday night was definitely functional. This time, my pyjama bottoms didn’t even make it from my ankles and my top stayed on. But the nice thing was that Dave initiated it. He wanted to get back into the swing of the every other day method especially after his illness last month preventing us from having enough sex around my fertile time. I think he was probably wanting to make it up to me. I was actually quite tired so I let him do all the work. But I’m pleased we did as Wednesday was CD15 and who knows when the elusive egg is going to drop so it was a good idea to get some boys up there ready. I didn’t have EWCM at that point so we used the Preseed and my temps were still consistently low but I didn’t feel like ovulation was imminent.

Weekday mating IS functional in my opinion. In my experience I am tired from my daily 5:30am starts, exhausted from work and not feeling sexy at all. My head is also not in the right space either – Dave definitely still sees the teacher-me during the week, and he gets his wife back at the weekends. So I don’t shave my legs, I keep my pyjamas on, I let him do what he needs to do.

Weekends however, are when we make love. As I say, my husband gets ‘me’ back, I’ve caught up on my sleep so I’m not crabby and I actually feel slightly more human and therefore sexy and my libido perks up again. So that’s when things get a bit more indulgent. I take more responsibility in the sack. I actually take the pyjamas off (I know, steady now…) and bother to put on sexy underwear rather than my normal day to day stuff. This is why it is a bonus when ovulation strikes over a weekend or on a Monday because we can invest and almost guarantee great sex in the days prior. Ovulation on a Thursday, say, is the WORST. If only we could control ovulation like the pill controls periods…

Morning sex is another thing. I’m not a fan of it. I have morning breath and bed hair. I don’t see how that is sexy at all. 

I can only think of one time we’ve done morning sex. It was on leg 2 of our honeymoon in Vegas. It was 6am and the sun was rising over the desert. We were in a suite in the Venetian and we could control the blinds from the bed. I don’t remember who instigated it but I remember we spooned (perfect lazy position) and watched the sunrise. It was quite romantic really. We may have also done morning sex in Hawaii as well but I’m not sure. We had to stay indoors one day as there was a hurricane warning so we found ways to pass the time! Well, it was our honeymoon…

Even when we had the opportunity to have morning sex this Wednesday because I was on a course so I didn’t have to get up at stupid o’clock, I still couldn’t bring myself to do it. The leakage afterwards as you go about your day… no. (On a side note, how DO people manage morning sex in real life? Because the movies sure as hell don’t show the reality of semen leaking down your leg afterwards…) We just had a nice snuggle instead which is still just as important and bonding.

Dave seems to think we’ve done morning sex at home several times. I have zero recollection of that. I must have been asleep each time.

The point is, this is a real challenge for those trying to conceive. Before, I was happy with just having sex at the weekends. But ovulation doesn’t always happen on Mondays. You have daily life getting in the way, but you still need to find the time (and energy) for the “weekday mating” or else you might miss the egg and you’re out of the game again for another month.

THAT is the reality and THIS is why making a baby sucks.

2 thoughts on “Weekday mating

  1. We have done morning sex a couple of times when he was too tired the night before or going away for a work for a few days and we needed to get that day in to be sure of hitting my fertile time (not that it’s ever ended up being in any way relevant. HA!). I guess I am lucky I work from home so I don’t have to deal with going out into the world with leakage? When we first got together we sometimes had sex in the morning, but we were students then so I’m guessing those were probably days without lectures where we did literally nothing for the remainder of the day. Honestly I don’t really remember. It was a long time ago.

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