Last night

For those that are interested I have lost another 3.5lbs this week! That brings my total weight loss to 1 stone 9.5lbs since January 5th (7 weeks).

Aside from physically being smaller (9cm lost and 2 dress sizes down) I’ve noticed lots of benefits. Clearer skin, better fitness (exercising an hour a day will do that I suppose!), more stamina in the bedroom (whenever Dave ever actually allows me to get off all fours…) and my pre-O temps are lower and more stable. I really think my hormones have properly levelled out. All good for making a baby.

Dave has just noticed my waist, arse and boobs are getting smaller. To a visual ‘arse-and-boobs’ man whose favourite position is doggy that is DEVASTATING.

To him, it’s the end of the world.

(Wait til I become pregnant Dave – you’ll have more than enough tits and ass to grab hold of then!)

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