6 | 20 | 7

6 weeks on.

20lbs down.

7cm lost from my waist.

There is nothing more motivating than taking care of your body in preparation for getting pregnant.

I imagine most people at my Slimming World group have the target of losing weight to get into a bikini or particular size of clothes by the summer. Not me. Becoming a size 10 will be a bonus from my weight loss. 

Every time I’m close to scoffing a ton of chocolate, or want to order a takeaway instead of cooking, or feel like giving up on my exercise DVD halfway through because I’m sweaty, aching and exhausted, I visualise myself getting those 2 lines. I picture myself telling Dave that we did it, and feeling fucking proud of myself for helping myself get there. 

I’m not a huge person, but I carry weight around my middle, and I know that excess weight around the middle can affect hormone levels and ovulation. Nobody has told me to lose weight. I’m not under medical instruction or anything like that. But I’m doing it for me, and to get healthy. I don’t even care that *when* I get pregnant I’ll put weight back on again. The point is, I know it will help me. It is something I feel like I CAN control, when I feel completely out of control with regards to trying to conceive.

Dave is my inspiration with regards to weight loss. He’s fitter now than when I first got with him. There’s something annoying about men getting better with age. He’s 31, slim, strong and healthy. He did go through a period of gaining weight as our relationship went on, which, to be honest, neither of us really noticed until he went and lost about 7st in just over a year and we compared his before and after photos. I remember at his biggest that his belly would slap against me when shagging. Now I only feel his ball sack slapping against me instead! His stamina and confidence massively improved in the bedroom too. Plus he tasted better, if ya catch my drift…! I find now though that whenever I sit on top, his hip bones dig into my thighs, but that’s also kinda sexy for me.

So now I’M the one who’s losing weight and he’s the one noticing the effects. Number one thing he had said is how much less there is of me to grab. I often find him checking me out, even when I’m just in my normal clothes. He says my arse is smaller (I disagree) but that my boobs are bigger because my waist is smaller (they’ll soon go as well I expect, but I hope not!) But the other obvious difference is my self-confidence – both in and out of the bedroom. I’m not fully at the stage of sex with the lights on in the bedroom again. But I feel confident wearing the new underwear I bought this week…

But now I’m in that awkward stage of losing weight where I’m not fat, but I’m not slim either. Instead I have that rounded 3 month pregnant belly look. I noticed it in the top I was wearing yesterday. I was thrilled with my slimness and my visible waist and bigger looking boobs, but my belly just below my belly button looked like the very early stages of pregnancy. The last thing I want is people speculating. Hopefully another half a stone will get rid of that preggo-look.

But hopefully it won’t be long until I’m ROCKING that 3-month preggo look!

One thought on “6 | 20 | 7

  1. Wow – you are an inspiration. You make me feel so bad about my lack of motivation to exercise! I suppose it would help if I actually believed losing weight would be any use, but in my case it’s more “I’ve tried everything else, so eating healthily/getting rid of my tummy is the last non-medical thing I can think of to do” (medically, I assume the next step will be a “diagnosis” of unexplained infertility and a prescription for clomid).


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