Reigniting the spice for Valentine’s Day

Show me a couple that have been together for more than 10 years that claim to continue to have hot raunchy sex more often than not, and I’ll show you a pair of fibbers.

And if that couple are also trying to conceive, and have been for over a year, I’ll show you a pair of outright liars.

It is absolutely the case that after a decade of having sex with the same person, things will become… routine. It is inevitable. And completely normal I might add, as the lusty rush of hormones just don’t last after so long. 

As much as it pains me to admit it, but I am quite sure that if I was having sex with Tom Hardy / Randy Orton / Jamie Dornan / Gerard Butler for 10 years things will get a bit stale. Enjoyable still, but a bit… meh.

Dave and I first had sex about a month after we first started dating. I can’t remember what happened or how it went, but he still does. The first time I remember us having sex was in the back seat of his car down a dead end unlit lane and an ambulance caught us in the act as we had apparently parked up in their usual spot whilst they waited between call outs. I’m sure they still talk about us today.

Fast forward 10 years and Dave won’t even shag me on the kitchen table in the dark because we don’t have blinds or curtains and he worries about being seen by the neighbours. Our what-the-hell days have passed. Well, his have. I’m still an exhibitionist at heart.

The problem is, I think we peaked too soon. We did everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – before our first anniversary. The dirty weekends away, the whips, the role play, the outfits, the toys, the home videos, the porn, even dabbled in a bit of light strangulation which satisfied my fantasy of being dominated. We even did… THAT… several times. Dave still wants to do THAT. In fact every birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or random Saturdays he begs and pleads for THAT. I have made it clear it’s a no. Still he persists. I have no doubt that he will continue to ask for THAT when we’re in our 80s.

Dave, if you’re reading this, the answer will still be NO. What is it with men and wanting to do THAT?!

Anyway, whilst we can still be kinky in the bedroom these days, even those things have become a bit predictable. At the end, once Dave has done his bit, I always – ALWAYS – get a double smack on the arse and a hip jiggle, followed by a kiss on my neck and a declaration of love for me. It happened last night in fact. He can’t NOT do those things.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s sweet and enjoyable and I am absolutely NOT complaining. But it’s important to keep things fresh. I’ll still be shagging this man for another 50 years after all! 

So yesterday I bought 4 sets of new underwear in red, white, black, and monochrome with various types of matching pants, and a lacy see through black chemise. I didn’t tell him about it until I texted him a pic whilst he was at work.

It did the trick.

Red was his choice last night. And what was good was that this was sex because we wanted it. Not to make a baby. I also had my hair done and he could tell I’d lost weight. His hands were all over me and kept commenting that there was less of me to grab. Hopefully this new underwear will keep the sizzle simmering during my fertile weeks too.

And in the meantime, Dave wants me to do something else at the weekend. I have agreed because it’s quite kinky, although it does make my toes curl a bit. I’ll let you guess what that is.

But no. It’s not THAT.

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