The week from hell has ended, and now it is half term!

Exactly as the title suggests really. And I am glad to tell this past week to kindly feck off.

Let’s list the shitness.

Shit Thing 1: tremendous stress at work. Can’t even go into it but jeeeez…

Shit Thing 2: said tremendous stress has caused my lips to become severely chapped and dry again (my reaction to stress).

Shit Thing 3: Tuesday. Say no more!

Shit Thing 4: the washing machine broke on Wednesday.

Shit Thing 5: my fucking period came on Thursday. I was unprepared. So I spent all day wearing a sanitary towel on a thong. That was a fun day.

But now let’s look at the positives.

Positive Thing 1: I’m on half term break, which means 9 days off school and no work. No work! Just sleep sleep sleep. And blog blog blog.

Positive Thing 2: Dave is all better now. And I can’t WAIT to take advantage of his dick again!

Positive Thing 3: I’ve been reminded this week of just how awesome my friends are. More on this in a separate post.

Positive Thing 4: the washing machine was subsequently fixed. Once Dave took it apart and found one of my favourite skimpy black thongs had somehow escaped the entire drum and pipes and blocked the outlet pump. The shame. A good pair of pants ruined.

Positive a Thing 5: my period is nearly over, and new hope begins. I’m hoping for a non-shitty cycle this month please!

Positive Thing 6: I lost another 3lbs this week. So that’s 1 stone 4.5lbs in only 5 weeks. I’m pretty fucking impressed with that.

So the positive things outweigh the shit.

And did I mention it’s half term this week???


7 thoughts on “The week from hell has ended, and now it is half term!

  1. Ooohhh #5. Yep, been there, done that. Occasionally wondered why I don’t buy some bigger underwear. Remembered that Granny pants are just that. Kept some spare tampons and thong-style pads in an old glasses case at school for just such emergencies. Forgot to restock said glasses case…

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    1. I keep telling myself I should do that. I always have a pad in a little bag with other things like paracetamol in my handbag but never a pair of back up pants. I only wear fullbacks when it’s my time of the month, all other times it’s a thong – not a stringy cheese grater one! But a thong. I also should keep spare clothes in my car in case something rips or a child is sick on my or something. 8 years into my career and I still haven’t done that. Over half term I’m going to pack an emergency bag in my boot – and first thing to go in it will be big pants!


  2. I’m sorry but I’m dying laughing over the cause of your washing machine woes!

    So sorry about your period. I hope this next cycle ends up being it for you!
    I just started my period today and now I’m out until MAY at the earliest because I have to make sure I am able to fly to England in December for my sister’s wedding.


      1. I would totally have just kept trying and potentially missed the wedding if she hadn’t asked me to be a bridesmaid! *Sigh* Maybe some time off will do us good? Even if it means a 2017 baby is out of the question.

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