So. Dave’s better.

And doesn’t my arse know it.

I came home from work today to discover that his antibiotics had finally taken effect so he was feeling much much better. And his voice was back. Which is kind of a shame because it was so deep and husky I found it really sexy. So this evening he’s been slapping and grabbing me left, right and centre. He’s started neck nuzzling again which I’ve missed. I’ve basically got my husband back, after living with a lodger for 2 weeks. Including the separate bedrooms part.

Anyways, because HE is feeling better, that means HE is ready for sex and blow jobs again.

Um, no.

You’ve made ME wait. Now I make YOU wait. I’m a bit of a cow like that. Besides, I’ll be premenstrual this weekend.

Which means I’ll either be a sobbing mess. Or rampant. Or both.

Probably rampant, then I’ll start crying during sex.

Lucky guy.

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