To misquote Elton John…

… “it’s shit, so shit, it’s a shit, shit situation. And it’s getting more and more absurd.”

Two things are making this cycle piss me off.

It looks like I’m having an anovulatory cycle for the first time ever. After getting my hopes up on Monday (CD18) with low temps, ovulation spotting, plentiful EWCM and ovulation cramps, I thought ovulation was right around the corner. Since then, my temps have been hard to interpret because they have been erratic. But it is clear to me, looking at the overall picture of my chart, that I haven’t ovulated yet. I’m now on CD24 and no temp spike. Ridiculous. Temperatures in the U.K. over the past 10 days have been sub-zero or hovering just above, but I have been toasty warm in bed. I also had to sleep in the spare room the other night because Dave’s night time coughing was so bad and that room is colder than our bedroom so that COULD have affected my temps too. But not to the extent my chart is showing.

So now I’m waiting for whenever my ovaries decide to behave and pop an egg out.  The confusing thing is that my boobs have been a little tender to suggest that I’m in my LP now. But that has been on and off rather than super sore like normal. And my CM has dried up. So who knows when my period will come. But I just wish it would so that I can draw a line under this shitty cycle and move on.

It pisses me off that the only thing that has changed over this past month is my healthy eating, exercise, upped water intake and weight loss. How is it fair that my body is punishing me for taking better care of it? It’s utter wank.

The other frustrating thing is that Dave is really really poorly. I’ve never known him to be so genuinely poorly in the 10 years I’ve been with him. He just isn’t getting any better. What frustrates me about this is that, obviously we can’t have sex whilst he’s so poorly so the longer he is ill, the longer we are going without tying again. And of course with ovulation not having happened yet, we COULD still be in with a chance. Except, we’re not, because he’s ill.

See what I mean about the Elton John quote?

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