Prepare for a flurry of posts…

Apologies, this has been another manic week work-wise.

I’d been taking notes on my phone of posts I wanted to write but in amongst school, meetings, clubs, courses, exercising, Slimming World etc. I’ve not found any time to off load my mind so tonight I’m catching up – and I have LOTS to say.

After next week it should ease up a bit. I’m getting a student teacher in my class so I can take a step back for half a term as she’ll be planning, teaching and marking which means (aside from meeting with her after school) I’ll hopefully have a bit more time to blog… and have sex!

Just on a side note, at my 3rd weigh in last night I’d lost another 2lbs so that’s 12.5lbs in 3 weeks! Just 1.5lbs to hit the one stone mark which is achievable I think.

14lbs in a month ain’t bad now is it?

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