Sorry for the radio silence…

…it’s been a busy 10 days since my last post.

Last weekend I was busy, school has been hectic with lots of meetings and late nights and this weekend passed by in a depressed coma yesterday (more on that in another post) and getting loads of work done today ready for next week.

Thank you to my new followers both here and on my Mother Of None Facebook page. It’s always touching that so many people check in daily to see if I’ve posted, and actually go to the effort to follow and subscribe too. It means a lot.

Sex hasn’t happened at all this cycle either due to illness and tiredness/schedules on both our parts. I was ill last weekend and once I was recovered, Dave fell ill. Then when he was better, I had late nights and he had plans!

But tonight’s my lucky night apparently, so I’ll quickly post this and maybe squeeze another post out until Dave comes to send this week off with a bang 💥😉

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