Second weigh in

On Thursday I had my second weigh in at Slimming World and I lost another 3lbs so that’s 10.5lbs in only 2 weeks.

I’m really happy with that and my clothes are a lot looser too – I reckon I’ve lost a full dress size. But of course the ultimate motivation is not losing dress sizes, but helping my body get pregnant.

Dave’s noticed too but it’s not all positive for him – he thinks my boobs and arse have got smaller and that I’m disappearing. He bent me over the bed yesterday and grabbed my hips and he definitely felt there was “less meat to grab”. Cheers babe! You have a wonderful romantic way with words…

I’m not quite at the stage of shagging with the lights fully on yet (it tends to be the landing light on with the door ajar) but I’m definitely feeling more confident. 10 years ago I used to saunter naked in front of him all the time – I’m looking forward to getting back to that stage.

I set an ambitious target of 4lbs for this week as that would take me just over a stone lost in 3 weeks. I’m unlikely to hit it because my depressed mood this weekend meant I didn’t do my exercise DVD everyday like I had been doing, but I’ll be back in my routine tomorrow after school. 

The only way to get there by Thursday is a lot of sex I think!

Don’t think I’ll log that particular ‘exercise’ on my Slimming World fit log though…

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