Written by my husband

(What is written below has been written by Dave, as he approached me this morning and asked if he could write a post from his point of view. Don’t worry – I’ve checked that is it not all about his penis and how proud of it he is)

Hi everyone, I’m Dave.

Well, where do I start. I like football, beer & secretly reading my wife’s blog! No, in all seriousness, this a short but sweet post that’s mainly light hearted but a tiny bit serious.

Where to start…

I honestly thought the only emotionally draining time in my life would be supporting Leeds United! I never ever thought trying to conceive a child with the woman I love would be even more tough! Many people think that men lock their emotions up & they never see the light of day but they do come out from time to time. Well here goes letting mine out.

10 years ago I met a woman, a bright, funny, amazingly beautiful woman. My first thought was, I can’t wait to smash the life out of you (romantic). We went on a second date, we celebrated our first year anniversary being a couple, we watched Leeds together, we got married, we bought a house… we’ve done everything, except one thing. One thing that would complete it all. A simple coming together of cells that creates a life. A little bundle of life that would bring joy, happiness to us. I’m desperate to be a dad, desperate. I ache for it. Years ago, if you’d have passed me a baby, I’d have politely said no but now it’s what I crave. 

Seeing friends become parents is amazing, seeing their babies for the first time is amazing & absolutely heartbreaking at the same time. Simple things like flicking through Facebook when you’re bored & you see everyone else’s kids…man that sucks. I know that sounds selfish but for me it’s a kick in the gut. Becoming a dad will happen & I cannot wait. I’m going to be a great dad, I relish the challenge. 

Lastly, to my wife. I love you xxx

2 thoughts on “Written by my husband

  1. You’ve made me ugly cry! Dave, I know Steph knows this but you really are a great man. Apart from peeing when she’s in the bath, but no ones perfect! Steph, having a man who loves you like this and shares your dreams so passionately is such an amazing thing. I can’t wait for you both to get your baby 💕

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