Pre-Seed practice #1

So, last night we cracked out the Pre-Seed (like a good wine that we had been saving).

I was only on CD10 yesterday so I’m not within my fertile time yet. I’ve said before that I don’t have a problem with EWCM but I figured with all the success stories of this lubricant, we’d give it a bash.

Therefore, last night was a practice run. We’d been looking forward to our session all day and I didn’t NEED the pre-seed (if you catch my drift) but I put a little glob on Dave anyway. The look of horror on his face when he saw the applicators that came with it… I reassured him that we wouldn’t be using those and that he wasn’t required for turkey basting as foreplay. My TTC girls had warned me a little went a long way and the recommended amount using the applicator was ridiculous and messy so I immediately vetoed that suggestion.

Well it didn’t feel too different to what I normally produce anyway, but after a good 10 minutes we both noticed it was a bit warm and tingly, which was nice. We tried a position we hadn’t done for a few years where I laid flat on my tummy and my legs closed and that made it really deep. Too deep at once point which made me yelp! But then at the point of orgasm, the rush was so hard and deep that I swear all the sperm went straight through my cervix, into my womb, and bypassing my vagina entirely. When Dave withdrew I did my usual keeping my legs closed, lay still, then attempt to put on my pants again routine – expecting leakage – and there was NONE. In fact, I wouldn’t have known that Dave had ejaculated inside me. It was weird. We didn’t even put the mat down. Y’know, THAT mat…

We went to sleep, and I moved around as normal, but still keeping my legs closed just in case. At 4am I really needed a wee so I went to the loo and expected the usual gush but nada. Just a fanny fart! Nothing left me. It was like the pre-seed had plugged my cervix with glue. I have no idea if that IS what it does but it makes sense, and Dave agreed with me when I told him this morning.

So all in all, it wasn’t as messy as we both expected it to be. The bed didn’t even need changing either. In fact, it was the CLEANEST sex we’ve ever had.

Next weekend might be a little different, mind. Not just because I’ll risk using a little more than we did last night, but because I’ll be in my fertile window then. Which means I’ll be producing my own EWCM combined with the pre-seed. And I’ll be a horny little bitch too. So it’ll be dirty in a different way 😉

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