“You’ll understand when you have children”

This patronising, uneducated, twatty comment really pisses me off.


It was said to me recently. I didn’t even try to hide my filthiest “fuck you” face. She was too busy spouting her knobheadishness (yes that is a word) to notice what my face looked like.

I hate the ignorance of this judgemental comment because it insinuates childless women can’t possibly understand ANYTHING that mothers experience because we are not blessed to be in ‘their club’.

Not to give away too much identifying information, but I already know my own working arrangements for myself and Dave when we have a child. I’m not naive enough to think that I won’t have to adapt some working habits and suchlike, but equally I’ve given it a lot of thought and have considered the best possible childcare set up so that I can still get my job done effectively. I’ll be the main breadwinner. I’ll have to make sacrifices in terms of family time in order to pay for the roof over my family’s head. 

Don’t judge me for making the choices I have to for my future family. I know things will change. But I’m not going to compromise my career either.

Don’t look down your nose at me like I’m ill-informed and a naive idiot.

“You’ll understand when you have children”… Then you’ll understand why I want to kick you in the vagina too.

5 thoughts on ““You’ll understand when you have children”

  1. OMG, yes. I hate this so much!!

    The one that’s currently really annoying me: all the people sharing the “the only thing better than being a child at Christmas is watching your own children at Christmas”. Right, Christmas is for children and those with (child)ren. The rest of us can’t possibly understand the true meaning of Christmas and how utterly amazing it is to share the magic with our offspring. I’ll just continue being a bitter old woman who spends Christmas getting drunk then shall I?

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