Pineapple, pills and a perfect partner

So it turns out I’m not the only one trying new tricks this cycle.

I came home from work to see that Dave had bought pineapple again and a shitload of other fresh fruit to get his sperm baby-ready once more. He did this consistently before our self-imposed 2 month break and I didn’t ask him to pick it up again this month, he just did it off his own back. So I appreciate his thoughtfulness there.

He’s not quite so agreeable to popping man-pills however, so unless I buy them myself and ram them down his throat think I will have to give that tactic a miss. His diet alone should be rich enough in vitamins.

Instead I chatted to his balls and gave his sperm a pep-talk. While I was down there he took advantage and put me in a headlock.

So most of the time I have a practically perfect partner.

When he’s not being a prick.

One thought on “Pineapple, pills and a perfect partner

  1. Hmm, pineapple for men? Not heard that one. We had our first RE appointment last week and he said my boyfriend should take vitamin C and zinc (for now, without having had an SA yet so no idea whether anything is actually going on at his end). I had read that before and I buy those vitamins that you dissolve in water, making sure to get the vitamin C & zinc variety. Works a treat with my boyfriend since sometimes he wants something that isn’t plain water and squash isn’t available here. Dissolving a vitamin in water gives him a nice lemon or whatever flavoured drink and I get the satisfaction of knowing he took the vitamins I wanted 😉

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