Period sex and Pavlov’s dogs

Bit of a taboo subject here but here goes…

Am I the only woman whose boyfriend/fiancé/husband can’t stand the thought of period sex?

Admittedly I’ve not done it before, apart from the tail end of my period when I was at uni and the lad didn’t mind. Or was too drunk to notice. I don’t know.

But full flow? No. I don’t think it’s that bad an idea – jump in the shower beforehand, or even do it in the shower. I’m open-minded.

But Dave? He recoils in horror if I even suggest it. Which frustrates me because I sometimes find myself particularly horny during that time of the month.

However, Dave doesn’t feel he misses out. Because in his world, period = blow jobs. And I am like Pavlov’s dogs, conditioned to give a blow job when I’m on my period.

This doesn’t seem or feel at all fair – he gets his rocks off and I don’t? And last night in particular I was desperate to pull him down and finish inside me for a proper session. But I suppose it balances out because during my fertile time I ban blow jobs so as not to let my saliva affect the sperm. So swings and roundabout I suppose.

But I’d prefer what Pavlov’s dogs got instead. A biscuit.

At least I would get my own satisfaction then.

4 thoughts on “Period sex and Pavlov’s dogs

    1. Unfortunately a back massage for me is my favourite thing (or gentle tickling) and is a sure fire way to get me going and want to pounce on Dave for sex! So if he did that during my period, I’d get horny which defeats the object as he refuses sex during my period haha!


  1. Maybe you could exchange biscuits for blow jobs? 😉

    Neither of us is really into period sex, except like you said at the tail end when it isn’t so much. I tried it during proper flow once (with a previous boyfriend) and it just didn’t feel the same. I think it was a mixture of too much “liquid” down there (ha, there’s some TMI for you!) making it not feel as good as usual and the idea of having to clean up a mixture of period and ejaculate… I find cleaning myself up enough of a pain when it’s only period I have to deal with! With my current boyfriend, we occasionally do other stuff during my period (and make sure both of us get our rocks off!) but no actual sex. My boyfriend HATES shower sex so that isn’t an option for us (well, the shower as a location isn’t an issue, but as soon as water gets involved according to him it feels painful rather than good).

    Wow, I hope nobody I know in real life stumbles across this comment!!

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    1. Ooh I know what you mean. It would be quite messy! I’d love to have sex in the shower but I’m so diddy compared to Dave (he’s 6’2″) and my legs are much shorter than his that even on my tippy toes it wouldn’t work haha! Only time we’ve managed it is in a hotel shower where there was a seat/ledge for me to sit on. As it happens, he loves a blow job in the shower or finishing over me in the shower (I prefer to do it where it can wash away immediately!) but period sex in the shower? Ohhhhhhhhh noooooooo he can’t possibly entertain that idea!


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