The One Year Club

Welcome to the One Year Club, an exclusive membership-only society that nobody actually wants to fucking join. But tough shit. Once you’re in it, that badge is branded on your heart.  Conditions for acceptance into the OYC include, but are not limited or exclusive to: 1. One solid year of trying for a baby. 2. … More The One Year Club

Food vs Sex

The theme of the past few days since my last post has been the battle between do I want food or do I want sex? Or does Dave want food more than he wants sex? This cycle has ended up being the first fucked up one since I first started charting a year ago and … More Food vs Sex

A bad day

“I’m surprised there are any tears left to come out, with all the crying you’ve done this year.” That’s what Dave said to me as he cuddled me whilst I sobbed into his shoulder this morning, after coming back from a disastrous appointment with the doctor. I have a severe phobia of going to the … More A bad day

Food play

Dave and I haven’t involved food in our sex life before. Not unless you count using ice cubes, Tic Tacs and Polos with blow jobs. Out at dinner tonight, celebrating the end of term with a pub meal, we had the following conversation: Me: Dave, what food would you really fancy eating off my body? … More Food play

Functional sex

Apologies in advance to my husband who secretly enjoys reading my blog.  We are 10 years (nearly) into our relationship. We are trying for a baby. Let’s be honest here, sex isn’t always swinging from the chandeliers or a chapter from an erotic novel.  It WAS, and sometimes still very much IS, but tonight it … More Functional sex


3 months ago, in our little secret Facebook group, after posting a succession of sexcapades, some ladies suggested I start a blog. I was told that my British self-deprecating sense of humour, honesty and candour made my tales relatable for other women.  I decided to give it a bash, starting with just a handful of … More 10K views