8dpo and proud of myself

I can’t believe this actually happened to me this morning but – wait for it – I forgot to log my temp this morning.

I know.

I still tempted when I woke up but didn’t remember to look at it and input it into my 837 apps. One if those said apps  actually sent me an alert this afternoon because it was worried if I was still alive or not. 

So, now you’ve gotten over that shock, prepare yourself for the next one…

I’m over halfway through my TWW and I haven’t Googled a single symptom. My Internet search history is still clear of “8dpo slight nausea and sore throat” and the like. And the most amazing thing is, I plan on keeping it this way!

Google probably thinks my phone has been nicked.

It’s a weird feeling to know that I’m okay with waiting for AF. That I’m expecting her to arrive this weekend and I’m cool with that. Because the sooner she’s gone the sooner next cycle begins when we can get back to work on GETTING PREGNANT!

I know we’ve had unprotected sex this cycle and I know there’s still a teeny tiny chance, but I KNOW I’m not.

In spite of the rock hard boobs.

In spite of the spotty skin

In spite of the sneezing and scratchy throat.

In spite of the gippy tummy.

In spite of the stretching feeling above my pubic mound.

In spite of the slight nausea and loss of appetite.

In spite of the exhaustion.

See? I told you I’m not obsessing about symptoms. AT ALL…..

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