Thankful thoughts

I have many friends on Facecbook and through my blog in the TTC community who are American and in honour of Thanksgiving today, I dedicate the theme of this post to them.

A thread started on our secret Facebook group last night about things to be thankful for despite the lows of this journey and it is true. There ARE loads of things that I am thankful for, even though I am approaching a year of NOT BEING PREGNANT.

I’m not American so we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I LOVE this idea!

I am thankful for…

1. Amazing friends made through what can be a shitty experience at times. Even though we are on opposite sides of the world I count many of you close friends. You have made me laugh when I want to cry on many occasions. I hope I will be able to meet with at least 1 of you in the future. I look forward to treating a couple of you to a Christmas goody box as a gesture of my gratitude.

2. Instagram and Facebook – to be connected with you all for the same reason as No.1. I love being able to follow your lives away from our secret Facebook group. Thank you to Uyen especially for setting up the group to begin with. And now our K Squad mumma is pregnant for real! And many other members of our community are too – we’ve all been through it together and I can’t wait to join you on that baby train soon…

3. For Facebook messenger – texting Chali in the middle of the night here in the UK when I was crying on the bathroom floor, knowing that she was awake and there to reply and listen to me… well I will never forget that friendship. Ever.

4. Living in the UK with the underrated and magnificent NHS, therefore treatment is free including 3 IVF cycles before we would have to pay privately as neither of us have children already. I hope we never have to go down that route but knowing we won’t be financially crippling ourselves is a relief.

5. Ovulating on my own, having a healthy long LP, not having PCOS or cysts or fibroids or anything else (at least, I’m not aware of this).

6. Not having the heartache of suffering a miscarriage. 

7. My chemical pregnancy – as sad as we still are about it still, it gives us hope that we can fall pregnant again.

8. My blog – only 2 months ago I summoned the courage to break the taboo and go public with our journey, removing the stigma and literally opening the floodgates for support. Over 7500 views to date. Still so grateful for people’s outward – and hidden – support.

9. My husband. Words will never fully justify how I feel about this man so I’m not going to bother trying.

10. Having a disposable income – I know when we do have a baby, spare money will be used up on our blessing, so I am making the most of the freedom that money gives us whilst I can.

11. 2 hour baths.

12. Lie ins til whenever the feck I want.

13. Drinking hot tea and eating hot dinners. 

14. Starbucks dates with Dave.

15. Reading books and magazines with no interruptions.

16. My wonderful ‘real life’ friends who know exactly what to say, and exactly what NOT to say.

17. My job that I love and can dedicate time to without feeling I’m losing out on time with my child.

18. Weekends away, holidays and opportunities to travel.

19. Being able to get drunk without considering another human inside me.

And finally…

20. YouTube – for videos of Channing Tatum stripping and dancing in both Magic Mike films. Those images help me both when I’m not fully in the mood for sex, and when I’m commiserating the arrival of AF. 

My motto is “There is always – ALWAYS – something to be thankful for”

Happy thanksgiving y’all!

2 thoughts on “Thankful thoughts

  1. I am definitely thankful for hot tea 🙂

    Also that we can afford to pay for at least one round of IVF if it comes to it (my insurance will maybe cover IUI but IVF is not covered at all in Switzerland). I do miss the NHS though.

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