I was thinking earlier that there are a few people now who know me and Dave personally and know about this blog.

I have no problem with this whatsoever (I’m a frank and honest person and my friends know that the stuff I write in my blog is no different to what I would say to someone’s face – I’ve said before, I have no filter!) but I don’t want this to cross over into my line of work.

I take pride in my professionalism and I don’t blog about my teaching career. The only reference I have made is how the workload and exhaustion can impact on the energy needed when trying to make a baby. But I am a human being with the right to free speech so I won’t filter the content in terms of the realities of TTC either. And there will be a hell of a load of teachers out there in the same boat as me. I know a few of them.

I make no reference to my name on here (or on my Mother of None Facebook page), where I work, or any other identifying details apart from Dave’s name. It would be too hard to write about Dave without using his name, and I don’t like DH (darling husband) as I would never say that in real life!

So it goes without saying, if you know who I am (or Dave) feel free to tell people about the existence of this blog and give them the link, but please don’t tell them my name, especially if you also know where I work.

The two things are entirely separate and I’d like to keep it that way and remain anonymous.

Kind of like a double agent. A TTC 007.


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