When you invite your sister-in-law to like your blog…

Yeah. Didn’t think this one through.

I got a bit carried away with my invites for my Facebook page last night. Went down my entire ‘friends’ list and invited all the females on it. Nearly accidentally invited the Marine neighbour down the road but that’s another story…

One of those friends is my dear sister-in-law. Who I’ve known for over 8 years. Who often joins us for Sunday dinner with my family. Who stays with us at  Christmas. Who came on holiday with us to Italy with my brother and may well have heard one of those danger shags I wrote about. Who will have to look at Dave and I in the eye in a few weeks’ time.

Yep. I invited her. 

She now knows all about my sex life with her brother-in-law (essentially). She knows my brother would NOT like to know what Dave is doing to his sister so she has made the very sensible (and diplomatic!) decision of liking my blog but not telling my brother about it. Or reading any more of what I write! Thank fuck. Or else Christmas this year with my folks could well top the awkwardness (but hilarity) of last year when we all played Cards Against Humanity and topics of bukkake parties and anal fisting were brought up…

But this lovely lady also needs some credit. When I suffered my chemical pregnancy over my 30th birthday in March, we were all away at a log cabin. She supported me, gave me tampons so I could still enjoy myself in the hot tub, and made me laugh whenever I cried and lost my nerve traversing through the trees on a Go Ape course or Segwaying through the forest. She was like a real sister to me that weekend.

So *****, if you ARE reading this blog, thank you. Thank you for your support, and putting up with my brother whilst we badger him to propose to you. 

And please, whatever you do, DON’T READ DANGER SHAGS IN ITALY!!!!!

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