My worst nightmare has happened…

I’m 8dpo, my temp shot up this morning after steadily rising from a significant – and potential implantation – drop on 5dpo and my trusty thermometer has broken.


All is not lost as I have another thermometer that I use that measures to two decimal places (in Fahrenheit) but I prefer my Celsius one decimal point thermometer because that tends to measure a higher temperature. And that’s the temperature I end up recording (of course!)

So right now I’m frantically Googling opening times for Boots to see if I can get there and buy a new one before work in the morning, otherwise I’ll be dashing there straight afterwards.

This royally fucks up my 9dpo plans of temping at 5:30am and possibly pissing on a stick, depending on my temp in the morning. PLEASE Mr Fahrenheit Thermometer, do your job and record a high temp!

And Boots, you better have some fucking thermometers in stock tomorrow. 

The fact that my Celsius thermometer has gone flat after 10 months when it’s supposed to last 2 years has got NOTHING to do with my obsessive temping in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and night-times. Not at all.

Just want to clear that up.

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