6 weeks on

It is 6 weeks today that I started this blog. In TTC terms, that is a cycle and a half. It has flown by because I’ve been so distracted by writing. And my latest figures have blown me away.

To date, I have had 3023 views, 406 unique visitors, reached dozens of countries and countless followers – some of whom have thousands of followers of their own. My blog has even been shared by another of my followers (thank you raeraereal). Not been picked up by Cosmopolitan yet but it’s still early days!

I’m staggered by this because I only ever thought I’d have a dozen or so lurkers. I didn’t think my blog would reach as many people as it is, or identify with so many people. After all, I’m literally just documenting mine and my husband’s sex life and hopefully creating a baby in the process! 

But apparently my down-to-earth, honest, funny and frank writing style is what is attracting people here. I’ve always been told by many of my friends that I’m blunt and to the point. I call a spade a spade and don’t sugar coat things. I also have no shame at times, and I have no issue with over-sharing. That’s just me I’m afraid – I don’t know any other way of communicating! But I must be doing something right because my figures keep growing and growing. 

So I’ll say it again – to known followers and unknown lurkers alike: thank you for being curious, thank you for checking in on me, and thank you for your love and support (both in messages and to my face). 

And please share this blog if you can – through any means. Not for personal glory, but for the simple fact that you WILL know somebody going through what I’m going through, but you most likely won’t know it. She won’t publicly talk about it, or at least she won’t be 100% honest about it. So let her know about this blog. Let her know she’s not alone, like I always felt. Except, I now realise I am most definitely not!

Be kind, always. You never know what people are going through.

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