You’re not alone. Trust me.

I posted a link to this blog on social media last night. Brave? Yes. Foolish? Maybe (somehow I’m bound to piss someone off with what I write on here, it’s inevitable.) Worth it? Definitely.

Since doing so, I’ve had various people privately contact me to either express love and support or to share their own experiences and journey (I hate that stupid fucking cliché!).
What it makes you realise is that people, and British people in particular, are very good at putting up a front. Plastering on that mask that everything is okay. When behind the scenes, they are struggling. But because no one else is talking about their struggle, they don’t want to publicly share their own.

Well you can do that through me. I’ll be the one to voice what we’re worried about . I’ll say what you’re too afraid to say through your own voice. I’ll share OUR struggle.

To anyone reading this blog and identifying with what I write – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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