Just to put something straight…

Now my blog is getting extreme amounts of traffic and people I know are now aware of this blog (yes, I was feeling brave! Maybe a bit too brave…) I want – and MUST – clarify something.

If I know you, are friends with you, work with you and are pregnant – I AM VERY HAPPY FOR YOU AND DO NOT RESENT YOU FOR YOUR CHILDREN OR PREGNANCIES. I really must stress that I am sincere about that.

If I swear on this blog (which I know is a lot!) and get ranty in my posts – IT IS NOT PERSONAL. I have to vent my feelings through here so I can process them and deal with them.

So if anyone reads this and thinks “is that about me?” then the answer may well be yes. But it’s about how I am dealing with something, not what I think about you.

Yes, it’s jealousy. Yes, it can sound bitchy. But I don’t mean to be and I don’t want to upset you.

I am truly happy for all ladies (those that I know and those that I don’t) who are blessed with babies. You are very lucky.

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