Hubba bubba!

So I’m ALWAYS nagging at Dave to keep his hair cut short. It grows so quick and just looks an absolute mess quite quickly. My favourite style on him (which never fails to get me going) is short back and sides with a little extra on top. A bit soldier-ish. 

I frequently tell Dave that when he gets his hair cut I fancy him the most I ever do. It makes me immediately horny. In fact, I’d probably sit on his face.

So today, I’d given up all hope that he was ever going to get it cut again. I was resigned to being married to a hobo. 

Then he came home from work. He took off his beanie hat and my nipples stood to attention.

Typically, he’s going out tonight to watch football with his mates, and all I want to do now is get my freak on with him. Like, LET’S GET IT ONNN!!!

So I have decided to entice him back home early tonight on a promise. I may even push the boat out and surprise him with a cheeky BJ. It’s gonna be HOT!

And the best bit is, this sex isn’t to make a baby. So with no pressure, it’s guaranteed to be good…

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