Entering the TWW with the TWI 

So I was caught unawares by my temp this morning. I went from 36.3 and 8 other low temps like that one, to 36.8 this morning. A beautiful post-O spike. I am officially in the TWW.

But that pisses me off.

Not because I haven’t had enough sex to fall pregnant this cycle (remember, we are NTNA until Christmas). And not because it screws up my chart (my chart actually looks like the best one I’ve had since TTC.)

No. I’m pissed off because I shaved my legs and fanny yesterday afternoon for the first time in god knows how long in anticipation for a week of horny shagging, and we didn’t have sex last night. I’m not pissed off because we didn’t get another heart in before ovulation, I’m pissed because the effort I went to de-fuzzing myself has been wasted. I will now have itchy re-growth without the indulgent sex we were SUPPOSED to be having!

And the reason for not having sex last night, even though I wanted to and was pretty horny? Because Dave turned into a woman in the space of 4 hours. He spent all day being manly, doing weights in the garage, watching football all afternoon. Then come 7pm, he cried at Strictly Come Dancing (what the actual fuck?), ate a whole bag of chocolate and got drunk on 3 glasses of white wine like a little girl. He passed out at 11pm and has woken up with a hangover today. No shit.

So for the next fortnight, it won’t just be the TWW I am enduring, but also the TWI (Two Week Itch).

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