I have been thoroughly indulgent today.

It’s the first day of my week off from school and I have completely and utterly slobbed out. I slept in until 10am after a 12 hour sleep, made myself a cooked breakfast (a routine treat at the start of a school holiday), went back to bed and watched TV, fell asleep again, finally got out of bed at 3pm and took a shower, and ever since I’ve been a couch potato with lots of tea and coffee! I’m fucking loving it!

Dave is loving it too because he gets his wife back. During term time I admit my patience is low with him. I am over-worked, over-tired and over-stressed. My tolerance for his childishness when I get home from work is extremely low (as you can imagine – after spending my entire day in the company of 4-7 year old who have a legitimate reason to behave childishly… Because they ARE children!) I sometimes talk to Dave in a clipped tone, or raise my eyebrows at him like a naughty boy, giving him the ‘teacher stare’…

But when it’s the holidays I become ‘me’ again. He puts up with my tiredness and occasional snappiness (okay, maybe more than occasional…) for 7 weeks stints because he knows there is a finite timeline when he gets his funny, relaxed, goofy wife back.

And, he gets to shag me again. Happy days!

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