An unexpected piece of good news!

No I’m not pregnant, let’s just get that bit out of the way.

I saw my parents yesterday for my weekly catch-up. In June 2015 we borrowed £8K from them to get our garden landscaped. Ever since then I’d paid back instalments every month. Currently I’ve paid back £5K and it was due to be all paid off by September 2017. Although had we fallen pregnant, we would have stopped paying it off and used the money for the baby instead.

As the months had passed, I was starting to worry about falling pregnant, paying off the garden, and having no savings for a baby. I had £1.5K saved for a rainy day but I knew I would always need more than that. And with Christmas coming around the corner I asked my parents if I could postpone my October and November instalments and use the money for Christmas instead. But I wasn’t expecting them to say that I could just stop paying off the remaining £3K! I’ve always felt proud when it comes to paying back money I owe to my parents, and this was something I was adamant about paying off in full. But my parents were equally adamant too. They wanted me to save the money I would have paid them back with for their future grandchild instead. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude I got very teary.

The sense of relief I feel is immense. Because it means between now and September 2017 (when I HOPE to be pregnant by) I will have been able to save £6K. It means I can have a longer maternity leave, buy nursery furniture without worrying about the cost, and just feel secure knowing that I have a growing nest egg with each passing month that we don’t fall pregnant. 

So now, instead of getting upset with each month that I get my period, I’m actually going to have another £500 saved towards our future baby. I’m going to visualise actually getting paid by Aunt Flo. 

From now on, period = payment. Kerching!

5 thoughts on “An unexpected piece of good news!

  1. That’s amazing! How lovely of your parents. I think we underestimate how much they care about us and still want to do things for us even though we’re grown up!


      1. I hope you can too! I kept telling myself I knew people who had been successful with IVF second time round, and thinking if it happened for them it could happen for us. I hope it works out for you! (Also you’re in the UK so can you get NHS treatment? We had our second round on the NHS but we would have paid if we hadn’t been eligible. We are now in a borough which only allows one try.)


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