1 month on…

A month ago, I set up this blog as a distraction and a hobby. I thought that maybe I would have a few followers, the odd random visitor and a handful of likes. It was going to be more like me writing a diary and leaving it open in the street in case anyone fancied a read but without me shouting it from the rooftops. I posted a link in the secret Facebook group, and told a few of my friends and sent them the link, but otherwise I kept it on the down low.

To date, I have had 258 unique visitors and 1394 views. And I am bloody chuffed with that! If people who are reading my blog can identify with it, and find some humour amongst the heartache then that’s great. 

So to all my regular followers and random peekers – THANK YOU. Thank you for being curious, thank you for your support, and thank you for being there. It means so much.

And apologies for my sporadic posting – work is hectic at the moment so I am only able to find the time to post at the weekend (which is when I notice my traffic drives up quite considerably) so I think you have all detected a pattern for when I tend to post. But I only have one more week of school before I have a half term break and that also hits around fertile time, so no doubt there will be a few sexcapades to regale you with then…

By the way, if any of my lurkers wish to share my blog then PLEASE DO SO! There are so many of us going through this journey alone – I welcome new followers with open arms.

Baby dust to all xxx

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