Playing chicken with Aunt Flo

So the bitch came on Tuesday.

Although I was kind of expecting her arrival, as my temp did its predictable nosedive off the cliff at 12DPO, I was still playing chicken with getting sanitary products in the house. Does anybody else think they jinx it if they buy pads or tampons, like they’re saying to the universe that they’ve prepared for their period so therefore their period will come?! Or is it just me?

I’m one of those fools. So what inevitably happens is I have one pad left in my bathroom drawer (I don’t like tampons) and that one has to last me until the end of the day when I can get to the shop to buy some more. Unfortunately, what I also seem to forget is, the first day of my period is also my heaviest, so I find myself wearing a night time pad all day. By the time I get home from work it feels like I’m wearing a soiled nappy for fuck’s sake (I know, TMI).

But for some reason I can’t seem to learn from this ridiculous charade. Each month I seem to have 1 pad left, and I tell myself that I won’t need to use that last pad the next month because next month my period won’t come as I’ll be pregnant. Except that doesn’t happen.

Yet I’ll have a bottom drawer full of fucking pregnancy tests like I’m yelling at the universe “MAKE ME PREGNANT SO I CAN PISS ON ALL OF THESE STICKS!!!”

It’s a load of bollocks. Cosmic ordering, my arse.

2 thoughts on “Playing chicken with Aunt Flo

  1. I find that whole “just visualise what you want” bullshit to be really destructive and dangerous and damaging! It’s victim blaming and completely ignoring the very real pain and anguish we’re experiencing right now. I started blaming my husband, as if he wasn’t wanting this enough… What a “healthy” place to be in!

    Also, I’m a buy-pads in preparation kinda gal… And when the 2ww is brutal, I buy more ovulation kits. Actually that’s my go to thing. The other day I had a breakdown, so I bought two ovulation prediction kits! Yay!

    Aunt Flo is a turd. I hope that you don’t see her for almost a whole year, and that your belly grows so big, and that you get this divine little human to cuddle at the end of not having your period for so long. I wish you all the baby dust in the world!

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