A silver lining to a dark cloud

18 days ago when I ovulated I worked out that by the time I had my performance management observation at school (all teachers have to have them) I would either be very much pregnant, or very much NOT PREGNANT.

Well, as my period came the day before my lesson observation, I knew that I would be very much NOT PREGNANT. But at least I wouldn’t be wondering ‘what if?’ and could focus on my teaching. 

But it turns out the dark cloud that was my period, had a very glittery silver lining. Despite the horrible cramps and heavy flow reminding me of the fact that I was NOT PREGNANT, my lesson and teaching got graded as outstanding from my headteacher that day.

In this day and age of teaching with all the targets, demands, expectations and boxes that we have to tick, along with the hoops we have to jump through and the ever changing criteria of what Ofsted want to see in our lessons, it is incredibly difficult to achieve outstanding. I take pride in my work, and the fact that my headteacher could see what I did on Wednesday was normal for me, and not something I just pulled out of the bag because of his visit, was something I felt bloody (excuse the pun) chuffed with.

So although I was very much NOT PREGNANT this week, I was very much OUTSTANDING in my work. And I’ll take that silver lining, ta.

3 thoughts on “A silver lining to a dark cloud

      1. Aww thankyou!! She’s actually 11 weeks old! I’m a bit behind on myself…I decided to write a blog about my experiences as a mum so far and thought I can’t miss out everything that pregnancy entailed!! So it’s a mad dash trying to fit it all in now!! X


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