Lost down the rabbit hole

It’s been 2 hours since I starting Googling, desperately searching terms like “11DPO chapped lips”, “11DPO aching side boob”, “11DPO chapped lips aching side boob BFP”… My internet search history runs to 3 pages long. And that’s just since 6pm tonight. I regularly have to clear it in case somebody gets hold of it and sees that I am a crazy obsessed demented TWW freak.

2 hours later and I am firmly lost down that fucking rabbit hole.

And why do women NOT come back on those sites and forums and actually post whether they got their BFP or not?! It would make my search time a lot less. 

Although I’ve pissed on another stick this morning, and it’s ANOTHER BFN (goddammit), my temps are still high, my lips are still sore and chapped, and my boobs are still achy. I sometimes wish Dr Google would actually definitively tell me yay or nay without me having to go through the agonising wait until the next morning when it’s time to temp and test again. And why is it that weekends go soooooo sloooooow when you’re at the end of your TWW? 

Tomorrow I am anticipating my 12DPO drop. If I wake up and my temp is still high, I might – MIGHT – crack out the holy grail that is… the FRER. I know.

But if that comes back BFN, then I’ll probably get back from work tomorrow and waste another 2 hours on my phone, down the same fucking rabbit hole, except this time my search terms will be “12DPO chapped lips aching side boob slight cramps high temps BFN”.

God help me. Someone disable my wifi tomorrow please*.

*Actually please don’t do that.

3 thoughts on “Lost down the rabbit hole

  1. Aww, poor you. I always have that feeling! People don’t update! So annoying! The one thing I would say is I’ve had 2 pregnancies. One that miscarried and one that is current. When I tested the current one there was a much stronger positive line and at an earlier time. Wishing you luck. S


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