Who the fuck thought of that name?!  The definition on Urban Dictionary made me laugh a little bit too much, especially the example they give: When too much air builds up during insertion from the penis. When the penis is removed it results in the excretion of air buildup and is released without female control. … More Queefing

6 weeks on

It is 6 weeks today that I started this blog. In TTC terms, that is a cycle and a half. It has flown by because I’ve been so distracted by writing. And my latest figures have blown me away. To date, I have had 3023 views, 406 unique visitors, reached dozens of countries and countless … More 6 weeks on

Hubba bubba!

So I’m ALWAYS nagging at Dave to keep his hair cut short. It grows so quick and just looks an absolute mess quite quickly. My favourite style on him (which never fails to get me going) is short back and sides with a little extra on top. A bit soldier-ish.  I frequently tell Dave that … More Hubba bubba!