The time we broke the bed… TTC Fail

So. We broke the bed.

Well, I broke the bed. I took a shower, went downstairs to tell hubby to shag me, he whipped the towel off me, I squealed and ran upstairs as he chased me, I jumped on the bed… And it collapsed.

So our foreplay was fixing the bed and then Dave ended up too exhausted for sex and I laid on it sulking because I didn’t get laid.

At one point I was worried we were going to have to ring my dad to fix it (he was the one that put it together in the first place). Can you imagine the conversation?
“Daaaaaad, can you come and help us fix the bed please?”
“How did it break?!”

I had a game plan to still get shagged that night – lay naked in bed ready to thrust my arse at Dave. No man can resist that. But, my game plan failed. I fell asleep before he came to bed. Gah.

The next morning Dave threatened I was going to “get it” that night. Apparently I needed to be punished for breaking the bed. And boy did I get it…

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