Danger shags in Sicily

So today we got back from our much needed week-long holiday to Sicily. That is, a week-long FAMILY holiday to Sicily. This followed the same pattern as last year’s holiday to Italy with my parents, brother and (might as well be) sister-in-law: getting drunk, having a laugh, taking the piss, sunbathing, making happy memories and … More Danger shags in Sicily

Time to switch off

So today I’m off on holiday to Sicily for a week. It is the most-needed holiday I’ve ever had. I am welcoming the time to completely switch off from everything and reconnect with Dave. I’m not taking my thermometers or prenatals. I’m not going to track ANYTHING. What I am going to do is relax. … More Time to switch off

I know.

I know you didn’t sleep well last night either. I know you were pretending to be asleep when I came out of the bathroom to avoid talking to me. I know that, because you immediately started moving around once I got into bed and turned off the light. I know you were probably laid there … More I know.

Things have changed in a way that I’ve never wanted them to.

Have you ever been fine as a dandy one minute, then literally 3 minutes later you’re sobbing on your bed wondering how things can fuck up your mood so suddenly? I went to get my 3rd set of blood tests done on Monday. I had to go to the clinic at the hospital because the … More Things have changed in a way that I’ve never wanted them to.

Why the fuck not?

This has been my attitude lately. To take my mind off waiting. I’m so fucking tired with waiting. It’s boring. And it’s agony. So I’ve been distracting myself a lot over the past 10 days. With something that the old me would struggle with… spontaneity. I’m a planner, an OCD organiser, an inflexible square. Always … More Why the fuck not?